"I will put you there and turn out the light in your eyes and come to stare at you for centuries, to pore over you, because you are mine, my treasure, my hoard, and I cannot keep you and I cannot let you go.” 

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Phoebe Tonkin | photographed by Tom Newton for Into the Gloss (2014)

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dsc meme ► 4 things he likes

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You think I’m normal? I’m a 16 year old witch living in a church attic like some kind of freak.

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Day 3: Favorite Quote from an OTP ~ Klaroline

'As soon as we're done here, I'm going to walk away and I'm never coming back. You'll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility and revulsion. You'll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me in spite of all that I've done. I will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.'

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I have a werewolf t e m p e r to go with my new a p p e t i t e.

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4x21 // 4x23

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